Who we are

The Episcopal Church puts emphasis on orderliness, reverence, and beauty in worship. Ceremony is a traditional part of our worship experience—BUT CEREMONY IS NOT AS IMPORTANT AS PEOPLE. It is our privilege to help you become familiar with our worship customs and understand their meaning if you choose to participate in them. Most significantly, we …

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The Cathedral

“A Cathedral is not merely a building, indeed the building is simply an opportunity for carrying out certain large ideas in service and worship, larger and wider than is expected in the Parish Church. It may be anything that you and I shall choose to make it.” – James Philip deBevers Kaye. Dean Kaye was …

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Mary Howell


The Very Reverend R. Steve Lipscomb, Dean rslipscomb@gracecathedraltopeka.org What does your job entail? As dean of Grace Cathedral, I serve as the senior administrator, teacher, pastor and spiritual head of the parish. I provide general oversight for and work in concert with all parish programs, ministries and committees and represent the cathedral in the larger …

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The Episcopal Church

ABOUT THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH The Episcopal Church is a Christian body whose basic beliefs in God the Father,  God the Son and God the Holy Spirit are stated in the historic creeds of Christendom. Historically, the American Episcopal Church is descended from the Church of England, although its membership currently embraces, not just those with …

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