Lipscomb staff 2 The Very Reverend R. Steve Lipscomb, Dean
What does your job entail? As dean of Grace Cathedral, I serve as the senior administrator, teacher, pastor and spiritual head of the parish. I provide general oversight for and work in concert with all parish programs, ministries and committees and represent the cathedral in the larger community. In all duties, I seek and maintain partnership with the vestry, staff and laity of this parish as we seek together the full Lordship of Jesus Christ.
What is one of your favorite services at the Cathedral? I like the principal (10:30) service on Sundays because of its “fullness” – a larger congregation, seasonal variety, music and after-church fellowship. I like the Choral Evensong service as well. It is such a lovely service for ending the Lord’s Day.Read a brief bio about Dean Lipscomb here.
Pejakovich staff 2 The Reverend George Pejakovich, Assistant to the Dean
What does your job entail? Preach the Second and Fourth Sundays of each month. Celebrate the Eucharist as determined by the Dean. Teach a minimum of 12 Adult Forum sessions each year. Assist at funerals when needed. Other duties as assigned by the Dean.
What is one of your favorite services at the Cathedral? My favorite worship service is the Easter Vigil, in which the shadows of Lent are replaced by the light of the Resurrection.Read a brief bio about Pastor Pejakovich here.
Chubb staff 2 Deacon Don Chubb
What does your job entail? The Diaconate is a Servanthood ministry. This can take many forms, but for me it is the traditional Diaconate model of liturgical service plus hospital, home and nursing home visits with the sick, plus occasional teaching or other assigned work. The deacon actually works (for no pay!) for the Bishop, and is assigned to a parish, where he is under the direction of the rector. I was assigned to my home parish 36 years ago and have thankfully been here ever since.
What is one of your favorite services at the Cathedral? My favorite service is Compline, followed closely by Evening Prayer. I enjoy these services because of their simplicity and their contemplative nature. They offer an opportunity to become lost in some aspect of the prayers or the lessons, dwelling on what is meaningful or helpful at the moment.
Deacon Anne Flynn
Wingerson staff 2 Kent Wingerson, Cathedral Verger and Finance Officer
What does your job entail? I am responsible for the finance office, facilities management and worship arrangements dealing with our acolytes, altar guild, Eucharistic ministers, ushers, sound and light technicians, vergers, etc.
What is one of your favorite services at the Cathedral? One of my favorite services is Choral Evensong, a very old Anglican tradition.Read a brief bio about Kent here.
Vosburgh staff 2 Connie Vosburgh, Office Administrator
What does your job entail? In addition to “managing” the office, I also manage membership records, produce service bulletins, and handle all church communications, including producing the newsletter, managing the website, producing and printing brochures and booklets and regular email communications with our parishioners.
What is one of your favorite services at the Cathedral? It would have to be Christmas Eve. The music, the decorations, the lighting and the singing of Silent Night while the lights are dimmed and the Nativity widow is illuminated leave you with such a warmth inside. I can’t imagine Christmas Eve without Grace Cathedral.
Burk staff 2 Steve Burk, Organist/Choirmaster
What does your job entail? As the Cathedral’s music director and liturgist, I plan most worship services, oversee all music activities and I am as the principal organist. I direct the Cathedral Choir and Cathedral Choristers as well as our Sunday morning Junior Choir. I also oversee and share direction of our Handbell groups and Gentlemen’s Choir, with the help of paid and volunteer assistants. Secondarily, I administer the GREAT SPACES Music & Arts Series which offers about a dozen concerts and events each year ranging from solo piano and organ concerts to world-acclaimed choirs, vocal ensembles, chamber ensembles, jazz, brass groups, and more.
What is one of your favorite services at the Cathedral? Christmas Day (not Christmas Eve).  It is a wonderfully simple and quiet service where we all sit facing the Cathedral’s Nativity Window.  Music is accompanied with the piano and there is also a good group of choir members who come back out and sing with and for the congregation gathered.  After all of the big music and grand liturgy the evening before, it is a musician’s chance to actually celebrate this great event of the Church in a simple and meaningful way.Read a brief bio about Steve here.
Hamilton staff 2 Sylvia Hamilton, Assistant Organist
What does your job entail? As Assistant Organist, I accompany all the cathedral choirs and assist with service playing including organ preludes and postludes.
What is one of your favorite services at the Cathedral? I especially like the Christmas Eve services as the carols and hymns of the season are some of my favorites. I love to accompany the anthems and special music works the choir sings on Christmas Eve. I feel blessed and am grateful to play the magnificent Schantz organ and the literature of the season. There is not a more beautiful church to be found than the Cathedral on Christmas Eve.
Alan Martin, Music Assistant/Director, Gentlemen’s Choir
Massey staff 2 Michael Massey, Ministry Coordinator
What does your job entail? The Ministry Coordinator works with small groups and special projects, assisting the Dean and congregation in a broad number of ways to enhance service and fellowship opportunities for members while striving to connect with the community at large.
What is one of your favorite services at the Cathedral? I love the liturgy, music, and people at the 10:30 am Sunday Eucharist.  It just feels like the place to be on a Sunday morning.
Mary Howell Mary Howell, Director of Children’s Ministries
What does your job entail? I am the coordinator of the education programs for the nursery and kids Pre K- 5th grade. I also coordinate our Vacation Bible School each summer.
Escalante staff Chris Escalante, Youth Minister
What does your job entail? My primary focus is senior high and middle school youth. I provide guidance through discussion and study to build relationships and spiritual growth. I also support, promote, and attend several Kansas youth diocesan events throughout the year. My main goal is to support youth to practice faith applications daily in their life situations.
Godfrey staff 2 Mike Godfrey, Sexton


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