“The people at Grace Cathedral know how to enjoy God’s blessings.”


“Our family believes it is important for all of us to have a spiritual foundation that is grounded in thoughtful tradition.”


“Grace Cathedral offers us a number of ways to share our faith and love with our neighbors and community.”


“You are invited to stop by for some quiet time during your busy day and soak in the sacredness of this beautiful space.”


“Watching the children grow in faith at Grace gives me hope for the future.”


“We have lots of ways to put helping hands to good use!”



WEDNESDAYS IN LENT – March 12-April 9, 5:30 p.m. worship followed by a simple supper at 6:00.

Lenten Meditations: Ash Wed – 1st week of Lent; The 2nd week of Lent; The 3rd Week of Lent; The 4th week of Lent; The 5th week of Lent

Please go to the “Worship” link for a complete list of our Holy Week and Easter services.

Welcome to Grace Episcopal Cathedral, located at 8th Avenue & Polk Street in Topeka, Kansas.

Grace Episcopal Cathedral is a house of prayer for all people and a loving place where those who join us can be themselves. We are a community of faith–working, playing, worshiping, serving together, and seeking God’s will in all we do.

A loving and joyful fellowship of believers, we celebrate individuality and diversity in community. Our unity is not in how much we agree with each other but in how much we love one another. We invite and welcome you to experience Grace—“A House of Prayer for All People!”

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